Ceylon Cinnamon 2500 mg with Biotin, Chromium

60 Vegetarian Capsules
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Add some spice to your health routine with Nature’s Truth® Super Ceylon Cinnamon 2,500 mg. Our Ceylon Cinnamon is derived directly from the bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree and is carefully cultivated to preserve its natural beneficial properties.

The benefits of this spice go as far back as Ancient Egyptian times, when it was thought of as a gift fit only for kings. Today, cinnamon can be a beneficial addition to your daily routine. Nature’s Truth® Super Ceylon Cinnamon 2,500 mg is enhanced with Biotin and Chromium, creating a harmonious trio to give you the added kick you’re looking for.

Also known as Vitamin B-7, Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin your body needs every day, but cannot produce. Chromium is an important mineral in many foods, but it may not always be possible to consume the recommended daily amount through foods alone. These quick release vegetarian capsules are easy to take, so you can obtain the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, Biotin, and Chromium all at once.

We believe in the power that comes from being authentic and transparent with our consumers. We strive to give you a product that is as genuine as our brand values. These Super Ceylon Cinnamon 2,500 mg capsules are vegetarian friendly, Non-GMO, gluten free, wheat free, yeast free, milk free, lactose free, and soy free. They were created without artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. When you choose Nature’s Truth®, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best quality for you and your family.

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Ceylon Cinnamon 2500 mg with Biotin, Chromium

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